Why every team needs a visionary

Evolution is a DNA fundamental, but evolution comes not in every aspect of our beings, as most humans are striving for security and safety in their daily behavior as it is an encoded mechanism from instinctual patterns. Taking this in regard in our modern times, where things have been evolving never quicker in mankind history, this instinctual patterns are becoming more and more a relict of times with values, that doesn’t fit in our current society of constant change anymore.

With changing times adaptability is becoming more and more valuable, as it enables institutions and social groups to adapt to changes and to grow with challenges. In a future blog post I am going to list superpowers of our current times, that we had never before and taking those in account, we can take advantage of them and create innovations, that progresses our species in many regards, while making life more livable, efficient and freeing our limited resource of time for further developments and living life.

When looking at corporate culture today, playing it safe has definitely it’s advantages, but looking at it long-term based, playing it safe needs to play also well with adaptability. That’s why the combination of a visionary combined with a team of bright systematic safe-players, able to manage risks has the most benefits. While the visionary maximizes potential with divergent thinking and allows all to come up with to this point ideas, that seem to be insane from current perspectives, it alters the thinking patterns of it’s more convergent thinking team pals in the most positive way.

A combination of this is a great cocktail for realistically applied adaptability and a guarantee for staying contemporarily relevant and participation in designing the future in the economic market but as well as in our society, as the economy should be something, that provides societies with fuel for a high standard in living.

Concluding with this, I think every team should consider a creative, bright visionary as an essential necessity.